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AV Controller

Infra-red control Learning function provide an easy way to input the control commands from your original IR remote. RS232 interface control is supported Centralize audio, video, home appliance, lighting, blinds, A/C and home security into single controller. Supported by Citygrow’s home automation app HomeNET. Audio and video equipment can be included into scene settings which provide convenient way for user to switch on a series of equipment, lamps and curtains by a single touch of a control button. ZigBee wireless signal is converted to Infra-red signal to control the traditional home appliances such as AV equipment and television. High speed control and easy to install

Multi Zone Audio

Customizing your own theatre and concert hall at home! To centralize a variety of audio and video devices as well as your home appliances, lighting system by one single automation system is not an illusion! Citygrow's solutions allow you to enjoy visual and audio entertainment with just a simple touch on a control button, even on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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